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Search engine optimization is something that everyone with a website will need to be aware of. To better understand search engine optimization or SEO, you need to understand the factors that affect this. You also need to know what this term actually covers.

What Is Search Engine Optimization – Barry Digital Marketing?

Search engine optimization will be the adjusting of your website framework and content to be more appealing to visitors and search engines. This is important because SEO will affect your rankings in the search results. Websites that take the time to look into and create an SEO strategy will generally have a better ranking in the search results.

What Affects SEO?

Each search engine will use an algorithm to determine the search rankings. Each algorithm will have certain signals that they look for which will determine where they place your website. Most of the signals are secret and only the search engine will know about them. However, there are other signals that the search engines are open about and these are what you need to look at.

These signals are commonly placed into categories of on-page, off-page and technical. As the name suggests, the on-page SEO signals will be elements within your website such as the content and images. The off-page signals will be the links that lead back to your website and your overall online reputation. The technical signals will relate to the framework of your website such as the coding, navigation and load speeds.

The Different Types Of SEO

There are also 2 different types of SEO that you need to be aware of. General SEO is important and will always need to be used when you optimize your website. Local SEO is generally used by businesses that have a physical location because it affects ranking for local searches. The signals for local SEO will be slightly different to general SEO and this is why you need to know about both of them.



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