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A Simple SEO Guide on Backlinking

If you are aware of SEO, chances are you know that the better it is, the higher your website will rank on the search engines and the more traffic you’ll get. While there are numerous ways to improve SEO, one of the most overlooked, but powerful aspects is backlinking.

For those who are not aware, backlinks are simply links that are directed to your site. The way search engines work today, backlinks are essential in showing the importance and popularity of a site. Your website will be considered more relevant by the search engines if several sites link to it.

When it comes to backlinking, it is important to be natural. Don’t use shady tactics like spamming blogs and forums, purchasing text links from website brokers or abusing the wiki sites. While you might notice a quick improvement, you’re eventually going to get caught and might be banned from the popular search engines.

Quality is another imperative backlinking aspect. Numerous links everywhere will not help you much. You’ll have to gain authority in your field and give quality content to visitors. A link from a page with content that’s not related to your website is considered less relevant. The more your content is related, the higher the backlinking quality and the higher you will rank on the search engines.

That being said, here is a brief SEO guide on backlinking:

Publish Relevant, High-Quality Content

Ensure that you are useful. The content that you publish should involve your niche and should actually offer solutions or educate your audience. It should also be interesting enough to prompt readers to share it with their friends on social media platforms.

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Create How-To Guides

If you make a step by step, easy to comprehend guide in a timely fashion, you’re likely to get a lot of backlinks. The how-to power is so strong that many big websites have specialized it, harvesting thousands and thousands of backlinks. Such websites include Instructables.com, Wikihow and eHow.

Be On The Look For Trends

Stay abreast with the trends and create a soon-to-be relevant topic. Everybody likes to know about the next hot thing and so, when something new in your niche comes up, create a well-written, comprehensive review of it and readers will certainly share it. Ensure you provide exactly what people one. If you are well-versed in your niche, this should not be too much of a hurdle.

Write Articles

Just like guest blogging, publishing articles can be an excellent way of getting backlinks. Write a high-quality piece and publish it on your blog or an article directory. However, be cautious with article directories as most of them have a bad reputation and can actually ruin your SEO campaign. If you take your time, you will ultimately get high-quality links in return.

Guest Blog

This is another effective link building tactic. Establish yourself as an expert in a certain field and publish articles for well-known blogs. If you publish interesting content that’s helpful, you’ll be given an author bio where readers can learn more about you, as well as a link back to your website.

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