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Online Reputation Management Strategies


Every entity, regardless whether it is a business, organization or even a public individual, has a certain reputation. The same is true for the online domain and the way that reputation is presented to the users of the internet. Today, the same group is basically a huge part of the global population, making online reputation more than important for everyone. While many chose to be completely spontaneous towards that element of their enterprise, the fact that is that this is not the best possible move. Online reputation can and should be managed like any other factor out there. To do this, there are several big strategies that allow for the same management. Here is the outline of all of these and the reasons why everyone should employ one or more of these to safeguard and improve their online reputation.

What is Online Reputation Management?

Explained in simplest terms, a reputation management process is a plan that is designed to improve an online profile belonging to some entity or brand. The process sets an ideal profile that the same entity wants to have and then adjusts the real one as much as possible to attain a state close to that ideal. Essentially, it is a step-by-step process that desires to attain a reputation that provides a great image for the same entity, whether this is a person, company or something different.

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Types of Online Reputation Management

Before choosing some type of reputation management, an SEO brand must complete an initial determination process. The process begins with an analysis of a brand after which its reputation management objectives are defined. The objectives are then broken down into milestones that can be attained one after another. Milestones are completed by using one or more reputation management strategies. The following strategies are some of the most well-known and effective in the field of reputation management.

Wikipedia Strategy

Wikipedia has become a standard for presenting information that is both history and current news. Anyone who desires to start with their reputation strategy should make a mental image of their future potential Wikipedia page. The same activity can allow an organization to assess what are their priorities in terms of reputation and what would they like to see for themselves in the future. It is basically a version of the question: how will I be remembered? As this assessment is completed, the organization will have guidelines they want to adhere to. There are also great practical advantages of using the Wikipedia system – every page holds a range of information on any topic. Some might be good, other bad and even the ugly. Yet, all of them try to provide a general overview of a particular topic. The same goes for the brand that is trying to manage its reputation. There is no way to avoid all bad things or the ugly ones. The point is to try and extrapolate the feel that this page would have on its readers and how they perceive the same brand. This will allow for the creation of the previously mentioned milestones and the immediate goals that should be achieved as soon as possible.


Suppression Strategy

This includes the active effort of suppressing bad or negative search results from the listing and allowing the positive content to move up. Any new positive content like web properties, reviews and images are there to enforce the positive reputation. The best way to do this is to reach out to reputable websites and offer them a chance to post positive content. Slowly, over time, the new and positive content will push down and suppress the negative one.

Removal Strategy

At times, it is possible to completely remove particular bad content that is hurting a brand. This usually comes in the form of websites and services that allow this, like Scam Group, Complaints Board, YouTube and similar resources. Using a Terms of Service complaint usually works for this procedure and provides good results. When it comes to local news sources, this process is also possible, as well as removing it from personal blogs. Removal reputation management strategy can even happen directly at Google and other search engines, but this is less frequent.

Protection Strategy

This strategy works by defending a brand reputation through the creation of counterarguments to a particular negative occurrence or piece of news. This content is then published by relevant influencer sources that serve to provide a new perspective on a certain negative phenomenon. The key element of this strategy is to protect the brand from any additional negativity bias that might come from this. Essentially, it is a means of stopping a negative story from snowballing to a catastrophe.

Strategy Using Online Reviews

Reputation management strategy is based on the engagement with real customers and clients who are interested in the brand and enticing them to leave positive reviews. This process is a slow-burning one but it does provide good results over time. Additionally, this strategy can be used to counter a particular topic that appears in the negative reviews and by doing this, they take away from their negative impact. Also, the relevance of reviews as a means of curation is only growing in any domain of industry, like the case of Yelp clearly shows.

Automation Strategy

The automation approach uses online platforms that automatically scan social media and other sources looking for brand mentions. Once negative ones are located, the brand can react to these in a number of ways to defuse the negative impulse. This method of reputation management is only starting to be used to a greater extent but shows an incredible amount of promise.

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Best Type of Reputation Management

In reputation management, there is no silver bullet that can complete the entire task in this process. Instead, any brand that desires to develop and enforce its online reputation has to use a combination of these to attain the best possible results.