Best Link Building 2019

Best SEO and Link Building Strategies for 2019

SEO Link Building – Best Strategies To Use In 2019

Link building is still one of the SEO practices that work, so there’s no wonder everybody applies it. However, something has changed over the past few years. Link building isn’t what it used to be back in 2005, when it would have been enough to develop and maintain a link farm or a network of websites in order to improve your rankings. If you want your link building to be effective in 2018, you need to adopt a strategy that works, rather than try to acquire all types of links from low-quality websites.

The best SEO link building strategies to use in 2018 are the ones that look natural. You should avoid all link farms and backlink networks, because they are all eventually caught and killed by Google. Even if your websites don’t get penalised, they won’t have any benefits from these links either. It’s much better to avoid them right off the bat. Besides, you need to be aware that low-quality content is almost impossible to rank today, when Google has implemented so many algorithm updates meant to weed out all low-quality pages from their SERPs.

Low authority websites are places you shouldn’t be too keen to get linked by. If you have a lot of such links, you risk a penalty from Google. Besides, they won’t contribute too much to your rankings anyway, so it would be better to check the authority of your potential linking partners before closing any deal. Speaking of deals, you shouldn’t buy links, as this isn’t a viable strategy, and it won’t become one in 2018. This practice isn’t considered legit by Google, and it may lead to severe penalties that would be virtually impossible to lift.

Writing awesome content is one of the best methods to acquire legit inbound links. Millions of webmasters are actively searching for awesome articles to link to, so all you have to do is to craft blog posts or articles with high informational value or with good potential to become viral. You can take various statistics and turn them into maps and infographic. People love such presentation forms, so you can be sure you’re going to have at least a handful of fans who would be more than willing to share your content and give you credit for it.

If you want to be effective in your SEO activity, you have to stay up to date with the latest news from Google and from all other major search engines. This is how you can be among the first to react to algorithm updates and to other changes that may affect the rankings of your web pages. Whenever a certain type of link becomes undesirable, you should consider contacting the webmasters who linked to you, and ask them to remove those links. Last but not least, avoid all black hat techniques, stick exclusively to legit link building practices, and you have good chances to be among the winners in 2018.

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