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Effective online marketing strategy is a combination of many factors, and what works for one website in one geographic location, may not work for all others. However, there are a number of SEO techniques that are generally effective for most businesses

Really the way that Google is evolving is good news for local online businesses seeking to deliver products or services locally, as their ever-deepening search bias favours local results, more often than not. Building on that content-rich sites demonstrating local knowledge will do well, as will sites a strong local backlink profile.

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Youtube videos are also on trend to get a lot more Google love, and this gives you a further and greater opportunity to pick up additional listings on the search engines for keyword + local searches.

More than ever, Google is looking for naturally developed sites, with an organic backlink profile (no spammy links), good content and a clear understanding of the user experience on your website, both desktop or mobile optimised.

Premium service Search Engine Optimisation Agency, Ni SEO Canberra specialises in advanced web ranking tactics for small to medium-sized businesses looking to get ahead online.


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