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Some people don’t like to hear it, but the fact is backlinks are still an extremely powerful ranking factor. It is correct that spammy, non-relevant links will do more harm than good, but any SEO worth his or her salt will not be in this business of creating spammy link profiles for their clients.

The reason for this is because backlinks are hard to come by, particularly the powerful and relevant kind, and so they are worthy of your attention. This does not discount the main SEO themes of the moment – like mobile optimisation, rich content, fast loading sites, and SSL certificates but because many SEO’s have thrown the baby out with the bathwater, so to speak, when referring to backlinks it is important for us to mention.

Additionally, Google has shown a bias for returning local searches, and so you should nurture this with local citations and local relevant backlinks that will fit with longer tail keywords potentially generated by voice-activated searches.

In terms of creating content around your specialisation, whether for onsite or offsite use, we recommend keeping the articles short and to the point. Don’t get lost creating a masterpiece, instead concentrate on giving customers/ users short, usable answers to most common queries.

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