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Derby Local Business Online Marketing Tips

The main developments that we’re looking out for in 2018 will be how the Google AI machine learning program, Rank Brain starts to influence website rankings.

Content – Motivated by Benefits to User

At the core of this movement will be the motivation to benefit the user, and if you can get this across to your clients, this is a good start. And of course, ultimately content is going to win the day.

Other hugely relevant factors remain, how well does your website work, and how does it look on mobile? If you’re thinking of skipping mobile-optimisation, we strongly urge you to reconsider.

Mobile-Friendly Websites

So to paraphrase your top goal for your business website should be to create as much mobile-friendly, relevant, well laid-out content that will be valuable for your customers as you can.

Backlink Monitoring

And finally, backlink monitoring is critically important. You only want relevant, valuable links to your site, and going forward it is clear that non-relevant links with little value will negatively impact your site’s rankings, so disavow any spammy links.


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