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Getting Your Hamilton Business Website SEO Ready

It’s been said before but even so, everyone hasn’t done it yet. Is your website optimised for mobile, and when we say “optimised” what we’re really talking about is, does it allow users to do what needs to be done, or get what they need from your website on their phone – user experience.

Conversational Content

Initially observing trends to see where they go is fine, but sooner or later you have to do something about it, and now is that time. Your site needs to be mobile-responsive. Of course, site loading speed, security and content all still matter but the customer needs to be able to access this on a mobile-friendly website, otherwise you risk dropping rankings, for no other reason.

Voice-Activated Searches

Our last point here is the introduction, and soon to be a widespread proliferation of voice-activated searches, and understand this, we don’t talk the way we type. When we type a search term into Google, there is a filter where we don’t type everything we think or even say. This is not the same with voice search which for the most part is much more conversational, and so we recommend writing your content in a more conversational manner, to help the Google bots match user voice search, with typed content from your website.

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