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Kilkenny SEO – Content Strategies for Business Websites

We have to remember that we’re working with Google for the most part when we want to rank our business websites, who are perhaps the most advanced information company in the world, and so most attempts at gaming or tricking Google are likely to ultimately fail.


Instead, what we recommend is to find out exactly what Google wants, and what the search engine values and giving that to them. In 2016, Google introduced RankBrain an AI machine learning program that has been built to read like a human to produce the most accurate searches possible, and what this means is content.

Here are our top content tips –

  1. Original content only, to think or reusing content, or using duplicate content is too foolish to be considered,
  2. Know your keywords – long-tail and latent semantic keywords should be mixed throughout your content. Beware keyword stuffing, but do exercise your creativity,
  3. Focused, well-organised content is poised to win the day. Remember, Google values users over websites, so start satisfying the needs and wants of your customers on your website. It will be worth it!


And finally, don’t forget to backlink, it is possible that it could change in the future but for right now, high-quality, relevant backlinks are like gold for your website.


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