Search Engine Optimisation for Lawyers, Solicitors & Professionals

SEO Marketing Tips for Lawyers & Solicitors


If you know what to do, using the internet can be the easiest way to drive clients to your website.

Visitors to the websites of legal firms are not typically browsers, or window shoppers but more likely someone who is in need of some legal services rather immediately. As you may know, you can bid for PPC spots on Google but these can be incredibly expensive.

In order to rank well in addition to all of the advanced techniques, the basics are having a well-organised and laid out websites that talks about what your typical clients are looking for in their language. It is very important to have an easy to use site.

Most firms offer multiple services, and sometimes work from multiple locations, and serve a wide geographic customer base, and so this should be covered in your keywords, and be clear from your site layout.

Recommendation #1

Work on your Google My Business listing. Set this up straight away if you haven’t already, paying attention to –

  • Keyword heavy title,
  • Customer reviews,
  • Content-rich description containing links to the service pages on your website.

Recommendation #2

You might think that the Yellow Pages is dead, and in many ways it is, but free online citations in directories like the Yellow Pages, the Golden Pages, Yelp and many others count more than you think. These sites give your business website a geographic location and remember Google likes to serve up local results, so it pays to tell them where you are.

Recommendation #3 

You need to know how to create valuable content, what that means and where it needs to go to be effective. Real content shows like real value, like – “This is what you should do if you get arrested.” This is real, it’s a little scary, and it’s likely to get read, and shared.

 Recommendation #4

The bottom line is relevant links still rank sites, but you need to know what you are doing, and garner links from reputable websites, whether they are industry-specific forums or business associations or other related groups. As the saying goes anything that is important in Life takes time, and ranking on the major search engines is no different, especially with websites for legal firms, however, it can be done, and is likely to be more than worth it!

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