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Lisboa SEO Website Ranking Trends

It is important to recognise the growth of voice search by way of devices like the Google Home, Amazon Echo, Alexa and others, and 2018 is likely to see significant growth on this trend.

And so we recommend to our clients that they consider how their current site content could be redesigned to serve voice search, even better than it already does, by considering the following –

  1. Artificial Intelligence is here to stay, but people don’t talk the way that they type and so the content on your website will do better in terms of ranking if it adopts a conversational tone, to better match voice searches,
  2. Answer Questions – Figure out the questions that you customers have most frequently, and post both questions and answers. The more direct and to the point, the better,
  3. Adopt Schema mark up to help direct Google around your website and find the relevant information.

Users before Websites

Google assigns the highest priority to user experience, ignore this at your peril. Slow loading, difficult to navigate websites with weak content, that are not mobile-optimised will not do well.

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