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Local SEO Tactics for Business Websites in Porto

For small business websites, you must devote your focus to presenting your information in the way that Google wants it. This means creating content that is suitable the highly coveted rich snippets, where Google shows your content in a list format at the top of their search results, as well as a link to your website.

Rich Snippet Slots

It can be a tremendous benefit for your information to appear in the Google snippet slots, and so it makes sense to spend some time catering to this growing trend. Additionally, it is important to realise that your site should already be relatively high in the Google search engine in order to be eligible for the snippets features.

To get there, you still need well-organised content and layout, an understanding of your customers’ needs, and of course backlinks. It is possible that the significance of backlinks will diminish in the future, as Google becomes better at reading content, but for right now we’re not seeing this.

User Experience

So to conclude if we had to give you two pointers to go and work on they would be relevant backlinks and a content-rich user experience.



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