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SEO Tactics for Small Business – 3 Reasons to Use Sheffield SEO

When was the last time you searched for relevant keywords to your business to see where your website ranks? If you haven’t cared about your search engine presence all these years, then you might be losing out on a ton of sales. Even small businesses in Sheffield can benefit a lot from SEO. By appearing for search terms entered by potential customers on Google or other search engines, you’re exposing your business to more targeted customers. The following are three of the best reasons to start using Sheffield SEO.

1) Optimise for the local map pack.

If you use search engines to look for local businesses yourself, then you probably notice that the local map pack is displayed on top of the search results. This is the first thing users will notice, which means getting a spot in this map pack can lead to more clicks. But you need to figure out what factors are used by Google when determining what websites to include here. An SEO agency should be able to make the necessary adjustments to boost your chances of showing up in the local map pack.

2) Choose profitable keywords.

Not all keywords are created equal. So many people try to optimise for keywords that receive the highest search volume. Others even optimise for very similar keywords, which isn’t really necessary these days. An SEO expert can help select what keywords to target for your campaigns. Longtail keywords, for instance, can lead to more sales even if they only receive a few searches a month.

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3) Save time and money.

Doing SEO yourself even if you’re completely clueless can be dangerous. The last thing you want is to try a particular technique and end up having your website penalized. With the help of a Sheffield SEO company, you can let them take care of your campaigns and avoid costly errors. This also means having more time to dedicate to areas of your business in which you specialise.

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